We’ve been understanding wood since 1992.

We provide comprehensive industrial solutions in the field of product development.

Are you wood wholesale company looking for a supplier who can adapt to your specific needs

(sizes, quality etc.)?

Our word is our bond!

Quality. Flexibility. Reliability.

Solid wooden panels

We produce fingerjointed panels and glued by width panels in different thicknesses, lengths and widths.

Elements and semiproducts

Solid ELEMENTS for everday’s experience

Pohištvo po meri - Silvaapis

Custom furniture

Please send us your design and we will provide you with a custom-made product (example of a nightstand produced in 1000 pieces).

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The golden tree
Kontrola kvalitete

Quality control

Optimization of costs
with high quality products.



We enable you excellent relationship
with our production units of the cluster.



We control the quality during
all phases of production.

Our clients are wholesalers with wood and producers of
furniture and wooden stairs.


Satisfied clients


Foreign countries


Concept solution

They trust us