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Cookies are small files, which the website sends to the user’s internet browser. The latter returns these files to the server when the user revisits the webpage, which allows it to identify the user. This allows the website to, for example: adjust the ads, keep track of the history of visits, store the user’s settings, username and passwords… and collect the user’s various data, including personal data.

The new Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) requires that every website should use cookies and should provide users with the following information:

Like most other websites, we strive to guarantee you a better, faster and safer user experience with the help of cookies.est vam poskušamo s piškotki zagotoviti boljšo, hitrejšo in varnejšo izkušnjo.

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The golden tree
Kontrola kvalitete

Quality control

Optimization of costs
with high quality products.



We enable you excellent relationship
with our production units of the cluster.



We control the quality during
all phases of production.

Our clients are wholesalers with wood and producers of
furniture and wooden stairs.


Satisfied clients


Foreign countries


Concept solution

They trust us