Solid wooden panels

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Solid PANELS for everyday’s experience

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  • adapted to costumers.
Kvalitetne lesene plošče različnih dimenzij

Sorts of panels

We produce fingerjointed panels and glued by width panels in different thicknesses, lengths and widths.


High quality solid panels

Panels are made out of high quality wood, which we buy from our long-term trusted suppliers.


Purpose of use

Solid panels are used for tables, kitchen worktops, kitchen fronts and other furniture purposes.

Fingerjointed panels:

Max length:5000 m
Max width1210 mm
Thickness:16-45 mm
Lamellas width:40 mm
Species:beech, oak, wallnut, ash, maple

Panels – glued by width:

Thickness14 – 50 mm
Length and width:by agreement
Lamellas width:by agreement
Speciesbeech, oak, wallnut, ash

The golden tree
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Quality control

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with our production units of the cluster.



We control the quality during
all phases of production.

Our clients are wholesalers with wood and producers of
furniture and wooden stairs.


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