The Silvaapis WAY

Our approach

Our unique approach allows us to deliver orders faster than you’re used to and to consistently respect the agreements made with our clients. Our word is our bond!

How can we guarantee all this?


We understand your needs.

We are fully aware of our customers’ needs. We see the challenges that you face; our company’s organization is designed to help you overcome these challenges as effectively as possible.


A unique organization of work

Silvaapis is no ordinary company. Our unique organization of work and the concept of our production process are tailored to meet our promises.


State of the art equipment

Only the most advanced equipment is used in the production process, which in turn guarantees a consistent high-quality performance.


Inventories of raw materials

We always have a 200% surplus of raw materials in stock, compared with predicted future needs. That’s how we can guarantee faster delivery of larger quantities of products and products in various sizes.

What do our clients expect from us?

Our clients are successful companies which:

The golden tree
Kontrola kvalitete

Quality control

Optimization of costs
with high quality products.



We enable you excellent relationship
with our production units of the cluster.



We control the quality during
all phases of production.

Our clients are wholesalers with wood and producers of
furniture and wooden stairs.


Satisfied clients


Foreign countries


Concept solution

They trust us