Why Silvaapis

Our excellent relationship with production units of cluster, enables us quick and efficient solution for each your demand.

Always one step ahead of competition

Quality control

We perform quality control through all phases, beginning with control of our experts by purchasing the material, to the accurate quality control of all incoming materials and quality control through the production process from beginning to the end.

Reliable wood suppliers

We purchase wood mostly from ex-Yugoslavian countries. We get oak, maple and ash from Croatia, beech from Bosnia and wallnut from Serbia.
We cooperate with longterm reliable suppliers.

Zaradi same organizacije podjetja, ki deluje v obliki grozda, so naši stroški The cluster organization of our company minimizes our costs, while maintaining excellent quality (good price-performance ration).


The golden tree
Kontrola kvalitete

Quality control

Optimization of costs
with high quality products.



We enable you excellent relationship
with our production units of the cluster.



We control the quality during
all phases of production.

Our clients are wholesalers with wood and producers of
furniture and wooden stairs.


Satisfied clients


Foreign countries


Concept solution

They trust us